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What is the most dreaded place to clean in your home The shower! You might think - hey, the water supply is right there, all you need to do is run a sponge over it. If you're thinking this...you clearly don't clean the shower in your home. How do you get the water to hit all the walls - you don't, so you end up having to fill a bucket and hope that you rinse all the soap residue off the walls before it dries. With the Rinseroo you can now reach all the nooks and crannies of your shower ensuring it's as squeaky clean as you when you walk out.

    • But the Rinseroo isn't just for rinsing your shower, it can be used for so much more! You can easily wash your baby's hair without the worry of getting soap in their eyes. You can clean your muddy work boots. And cleaning your pet¡­ it's never been so easy. In fact, Rinseroo has come up with a second model that is specially designed to make bathing your pets easier!
    Easy fix as simple as ABC, slip-on and get to the task!

    • The Rinseroo comes with a 6-foot long hose so you will be able to reach the darkest corners of even the largest shower. But what if 6 feet is more than you can manage The hose allows you to disconnect it halfway and, poof, you now have a more manageable 3-foot hose. The hose is guaranteed not to kink and the entire product is lightweight making it easy to transport from faucet to faucet to ensure you are not slowed down while in the middle of your cleaning frenzy.

    • How To Install The Rinseroo
      With its unique, super-stretchy connector, you simply need to slip the connector over your shower head or sink faucet before you turn the water on - that's it. Turn the water on and now you're ready to use! The connector stretches up to ten times its original size without ripping and will fit showerheads and faucets up to 7 inches in diameter, including odd-shaped ones.

    • Save your sanity and making cleaning quicker with the Rinseroo!